Voinosis Major Achievements in 2023

보이노시스 2023 스타트업 월드컵 글로벌 본선 준우승(공동)
Dec. 23
· Startup World Cup 2023 Global Finals runner-up (joint)
보이노시스 2023년 스타트업 월드컵 한국예선 1위 / 한국 대표 선정
Oct. 23
· 1st place in the Korean qualifier for the Startup World Cup 2023 / Selected to represent Korea
Sep. 23
· IP-R&D Business Performance - Applied for 10 patents related to voice AI technology (domestic/PCT)
July. 23
· Selected as POSCO IPM
June. 23
· IEEE/ICASSP 2023 Startup Pitching Competition / 3rd place
May. 23
· Selected for Deep Tech TIPS (total project cost: USD 1.16M)
· Selected for the Startup Promotion Agency's Startup Leap Package (total project cost: USD 116,000)
April. 23
· Investment from Infobank (USD 230,000)
· Selected for IP-R&D project by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (total project cost: USD 132,000)
· Selected for NIPA AI voucher project (total project cost: USD 230,000)
Mar. 23
· Selected an open laboratory by Korea University guro Hospital
· Investment from Hanyang University Technology Holding Company (USD 230,000)
Feb. 23
· 1st place in IEEE/ICASSP (World's Best Voice AI Dementia Disease Assessment Competition) "ADREss-M Chanllenge"
Jan. 23
Moved into Hongneung Bio & Medical R&D Anchor Facility

Year 2022

Oct. 2022.
· Shinhan Square Bridge, Daejeon Accelerating 1st year
Sep. 2022.
· LG CNS " 2022 StartUp Monster" finalist
· Business Agreement with MetLife for "Dementia digital preventive care service development"
July. 2022.
· Commercial software supply contract with Incheon Baro Hospital "Voice interactive medical AI assistant solution maintenance and medical service app development"
· Passed IRB for development of dementia-related voice analysis and disease prediction model. Conducted clinical trials related to dementia voice biomarkers (3 hospitals: Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Asan Medical Center, Konkuk University Hospital)
May. 2022.
· Selected as "2022 Early Startup Package" by the Korea Startup Promotion Agency
April. 2022.
· Selected as an open laboratory for Korea University Guro Hospital
· "Business Agreement for "Digital medical AI assistant solution" technology development with industry-academia-research hospital: Baro Hospital, Konkuk University Natural Language Processing Laboratory, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision Laboratory, Podream, Andante
Jan. 2022.
· Selected as an AI voucher supplier by NIPA (National Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency)

Year 2019-2021

Nov. 2021.
· Confirmed as a venture company
Aug. 2021.
· Established a company-affiliated research center (medical-specific voice AI)
Sep. 2020.
· Selected for AI voucher "Development of interactive AI-based smart speaker system for operating room innovation"
May. 2020.
· Selected for Data voucher "Established an intelligent smart medical platform"
Sep. 2019.
· Signed MOU with Bundang Seoul National University Hospital "Smart Operating Room Project" (3 years)
July. 2019.
· Free capital increase allocated by a third party
Mar. 2019.
· Established a corporation


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