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보이노시스(Voinosis)의 대표 이비인후과 전문의 신정은

I am Dr. Shin, an otolaryngologist, CEO of Voinosis.

We are developing digital solutions to prevent and manage various diseases such as hearing loss, cognitive impairment, and dementia.

I’ve been practicing otolaryngology for 23 years, treating patients with hearing loss. I have noticed specific voice pattern changes along with degeneration in brain function of each patients.

This inspired me to develop a solution using artificial intelligence, with the goal of “preventing” dementia which has no cure by intervening at a very early stage. Our engine shows a high accuracy rate of over 85% for early dementia screening.

We dream of dementia-free world. Please Join Voinosis in giving the power to enhance personal health in the palm of your hand. Go Voinosis!!


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