Dementia Golden Time Finder

Voice-based Dementia Prevention AI Healthcare APP Service

치매 골든 타임 파인더(Dementia Golden Time Finder)

Dementia Golden Time Finder is an AI-based digital healthcare service that can prevent the onset of dementia at an early stage by monitoring the early progression of dementia through a voice-based solution in the asymptomatic period before dementia occurs


Hearing Test

Read the sentence on the screen out loud

*47 seconds


Cognitive impairment test

Describe the given situation by looking at the picture on the screen

*2 minutes time limit


Stress Test

Select a picture
Estimate your stress level by converting it to a score

*2 minutes time limit

AI-based Dementia Risk Assessment

Predict your risk of developing dementia

Answer a short questionnaire and we’ll analyze your potential dementia risk factors and give you a dementia risk index.
Take control of your brain health to lower your chances of developing dementia.

치매 골든 타임 파인더(Dementia Golden Time Finder)


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